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As an Austin native, there are many things I love about Texas; the weather is not one of them. People from here joke that we really only have two seasons in my state: Fall and Summer. And when Summer hits, it hits hard. We’re already in the mid-90s (F) and yet, most of us are just thankful that we haven’t gotten into triple digits yet. So this year, when June rolled around, my husband and I got on a plane and headed to New England to put off facing the heat for a few weeks.

IMAG0044We stayed on the top floor of a pretty yellow house in York, Maine with an ocean view, and at night we sat on the porch with a glass of wine and enjoyed the cool breeze. Sometimes, after walking on the beach, we’d stop for a slice of homemade blueberry pie at a restaurant near the gorgeous Cape Neddick lighthouse.

photo 2We visited one of my favorite cities, Salem, MA. This was my second time to visit and I remember reading The Crucible in high school and learning about the devastating witch trials. The city of Salem does a fantastic job of honoring the victims, as well as teaching about mass hysteria in an effort to prevent similar tragedies. We also took a walking tour of the city and heard several fascinating ghost stories from our excellent tour guide, and visited Nathaniel Hawthorne’s House of Seven Gables.

We stopped at the Portland, ME Museum of Art to catch a Richard Estes exhibit. If you haven’t seen this artist’s incredible photorealist paintings, check them out. You won’t regret it.

Another of my favorite stops was Concord, MA, where we toured Louisa May Alcott’s home. The fabulous author of one of my all-time favorite books, Little Women, was raised in this house, and it’s also the setting for this wonderful story of family and love. Hmmm, wonder if this was my first inspiration for writing Special Editions! :-)

photoThe hubby and I love to combine relaxation and education on vacations. We almost always visit places with rich history and spend time soaking it all up. But we also spent a fair amount of time hanging out in New England’s abundance of local pubs, enjoying delicious pints of local brew and hitting the beach.

How about you? Do you like a little history with your vacations? Any summer plans?

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  1. Amy, great blog, gorgeous pictures. And yep. Texas does get hot. so lovely to get away to New England weather. We’re just taking a couple of short trips this summer–home to the Sierras to be with family. And up to Seattle to visit with writer friends and hubbies and take in a Seahawks game. XOXO!

    • Amy Woods says:

      Christine, your trip sounds like it will be lots of fun! I’ve never been to the Sierras or to Seattle, but I’d love to visit both. Have a wonderful time with your family!

  2. Amy–

    Your trip sounds wonderful. I’ve never been to New England, and I’ve always wanted to go!

    My plans for summer include a trip to Texas–San Antonio for the RWA conference that I’m looking forward to–as well as a possible trip to Hawaii that’s still in the planning stages for late summer. Fingers crossed that it goes through!

    • Amy Woods says:

      Hi Stacy,
      We’ll be so glad to have you in Texas.
      I highly recommend N.E. One of the things I love best is that, once you’re there, you can visit multiple states in the time that it takes me to drive from Austin to San Antonio! I know they just had a bad winter, but it’s gorgeous in Fall and Summer.

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get to go to Hawaii! My brother is stationed there (Navy) and loves it. :-)

  3. Chelle Sandell says:

    Having been born and raised in Oklahoma, I completely understand the sometimes overwhelming summer heat that you have in Texas. This year has been almost pleasant though compared to what we usually have. Usually by now we’ve hit the triple digits a few times but we’ve had quite a bit of rain and storms come through so it’s kept the temps down somewhat. And I love vacations similar to yours as well! My husband is a welder and several years ago worked for a company building water towers. Our youngest and I packed up and traveled with him in a travel trailer for a year and I enjoyed every town we stayed in by using our time to research local history. My absolute favorite time spent was in Savannah. Oh, how I would love to move to that area. A close second was when we were camped near New Orleans. My little man still talks about the plantations, cemeteries, and swamp tours we took. My mom always joked I had gypsy blood running through my veins…I believe it now. I miss the traveling!

    • Amy Woods says:

      That sounds like such a blast—your year of traveling with your husband. What a wonderful opportunity.
      My grandparents lived in OK for years and my brother and I visited many summers and you’re right about the heat! I’m so glad you’ve gotten some rain this year to keep down those temps. I would love to visit Savannah someday and I agree with your son that New Orleans is one of the neatest places ever. :-)
      Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello!

  4. You MA/ME vacation sounds fabulous. Now I’m feeling a little ashamed for skipping the history when I was recently in Boston and on Cape Cod for an ICE BAR (a bar made entirely out of ice – like they have a hotel made of ice somewhere in Scandinavia) blueberry bread pudding (the best I’ve ever tasted) and lobster rolls. LOL We went for my MIA 90th birthday.
    However when we were in North Carolina and Virginia recently, we did take in some of the historic battlefields of the Civil War. Came home with a couple of ticks to prove it.
    Love that yellow house.

    • Amy Woods says:

      An ice bar sounds awesome!
      I’d love to see North Carolina—all the pics I’ve seen are full of greenery and lakes. :-)
      Sigh. I love the yellow house too. Wish it was mine.
      Have a fantastic summer!

  5. Marcie R says:

    Oh such pretty pics! No summer plans except mowing the grass.

    BTW, I saw your cover on Amazon!!

    • Amy Woods says:

      Thanks, Marcie!
      Well, at least mowing the grass is good exercise.
      We used to have a giant yard and I got plenty of the (dreaded) stuff, but our condo grass can be cut with a weed whacker. Thank heavens.

      I hope you liked the cover. I love it, but then I might be a bit biased. :-)

  6. Penney Wilfort says:

    Your vacation sounds wonderful! I love some History when we go out.

  7. Amy Woods says:

    Hi Penney,
    That makes two of us. :-)
    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. Hi Amy-

    This sounds like a great vacation and I love the pictures – old architecture is the best IMHO. And blueberry pie along with a lighthouse – total heaven. I’ve never been to Maine but you’ve convinced me to put it on the ‘need to go’ list. Enjoy the rest of the summer (especially San Antonio next month!).

    • Amy Woods says:

      Hi Michelle,
      I totally agree about old architecture—love it. I’d love to have a sprawling old home to restore, but alas, I’m terrible at DIY renovation and things would turn out worse than they started!
      Maine is one of my favorite places to visit. It’s relaxing and beautiful and the people are so friendly. :-)
      Hope to see you at RWA!

  9. Caro Carson says:

    Thanks for sharing your vacation photos. I’m in Florida, so I know what you mean about going up north to escape the heat for summer!

    • Amy Woods says:

      Hi Caro!
      Yeah, most of the time I’m okay with it—thank goodness for AC—but it would be nice if I could walk my dog when it’s light outside without both of us getting heatstroke. :-)

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