Top Things I’ve Learned from Watching My Grandbaby

by Lynne Marshall

So glad we see eye-to-eye on this.

So glad we see eye-to-eye on this.


To help out my daughter, since she’s gone back to work, my husband and I each watch baby Thea one day a week. That way she only needs to spend minimal time in day care.

Well, this is a blessing for me, of course, as I get to bond with my only grandchild, and I’ve learned a few things from that little one in the process.


Oh, and the handsome and distinguished looking Lab is Max.

  1. A smile can win over the world (well, Grandma’s heart anyway)
  2. Licking lips and making smacking noises always gets attention.
  3. When someone kisses your cheeks and play-nibbles your neck – enjoy it
  4. Eye contact brightens the other person’s day.
  5. A long, relaxing nap can really change a cranky attitude.
  6. Drama gets you everywhere
  7. Bath time is both functional and fun
  8. If something excites you kick your feet and flap your arms so the other person will know.
  9. If someone sings to you, act fascinated.
  10. If a person makes silly faces for you, indulge them and laugh, because you’re special and they want your attention.
  11. You fill in this blank.

Share what you’re learned from being around children, babies or grandbabies.


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26 Responses to Top Things I’ve Learned from Watching My Grandbaby

  1. #11 That two little people easily own my heart!
    #11 a. Every new word or full sentence fully amazes me.
    #11 b. That no matter how tired I am after a full day with you, when you leave I really, really miss you!

    I could go on and on…. Cute Blog today!

  2. robena grant says:

    I love #8. Can grown-ups adopt that one? : )

    # 11. That straight-from-the-nap baby scent warms the heart.

  3. Lynn! Lovely blog. :D Love the singing one. My grandma used to say that when she sang to her son, who had perfect pitch and became a musician, he would instantly start crying. My grandma was not a good singer. ;)

  4. Hi Lynne – Love this blog. My little sister is due with her first baby next month and I’m so excited to love on a baby without the full responsibility of being ‘the parent’. :-) Can’t wait to experience some of the things on your list again!

  5. Oh, Michelle, I’m excited for you. There is something to say for not having complete responsibility for that little precious, though helpless, bundle of joy.

    Keep us posted!

  6. Mary Lawson says:

    After having 9 grandchildren (1 wonderful boy and 8 darling girls), I have found my heart has grown with each individual child in watching how alike and different they are in personality. The youngest one is an imp and loves to tease. They all are caring and the 4 older ones take care of the 5 younger. Getting ready to take the 7, 5, 3 year olds to get their 17 & 15 year old sister and brother. I am sure the car trip from Central Florida to Western Virginia will be a big learning experience from “Are we there yet” to “I need to go to the bathroom”. Everyday there is a learning experience and a chance to see the world through different aged eyes. They are 17-3 years of age.

    • Wow Mary Lawson – you are an inspiration, and I look forward to many of the things you’ve described. I’m amazed you had time to comment at our blog. :)

      I love the idea of seeing the world through different aged eyes. What a wealth of joy.
      Thanks so much for commenting.

  7. Marie Miller says:

    For you Lynne…
    Line #11
    a) hug them, squeeze them and kiss them
    b) head on shoulder and arms around the neck saying I love you grandma
    c) you’re the greatest grandma in the world!
    I have not had the privilege of being a mother, but I have lots of nieces, nephews and students that are my children. They love me as a mom! So blessed!
    Love your blog Lynne. Take care..

    • Hi Marie,
      I love all of your additions to #11. Nothing like little arms around the neck.

      So glad you have a large pool of “children” to love and to be loved by. You are so right, it is a blessing.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

  8. Shirley Swoope says:

    That they grow up much too fast, and to enjoy every moment with them, especially when they live across the country from you.

    • Hi Shirley – yes! These days families spread all over the country. My kids had a local grandma and an across the county Nana. They loved both dearly, but it was always so hard to leave Nana and come home.

      My daughter lives in my state, my son 3 thousand miles away. When he becomes a father, I will be in your shoes. So so hard to be a long-distance grandma, I can only imagine.
      I’m thinking of becoming bicoastal in order to divide my time evenly. Now if I can only make my finances cooperate. LOL
      Thanks for chiming in, Shirley.

  9. Adorable picture of Thea and Max! My little guy is 5 now, so the baby days are long gone, but early on he taught us a good meal involves not just eating the food, but touching it, squeezing it, smelling it, and wearing it!

    • Samanthe –
      Thea is at the early stage of testing food, and I wholeheartedly agree that eating involves so much more than our mouths. :)

      Glad you like the picture, and please overlook her bald spots. LOL. Lots of hair but not evenly distributed.

      She is so precious!

  10. Lilly Gayle says:

    #11- that family is a matter of heart, not blood. My precious new granddaughter was adopted at birth and I could not love her more if she were my daughter’s own flesh and blood.
    #12- babies can take on parental traits, even if they are not blood related.
    #13 Some adoptions are an act of love and sacrifice because not all babies put up for adoption are unloved and/or unwanted.
    #14 I am going to miss my granddaughter when her parents take her home to Germany
    #15 Thank God for Skype!

  11. Lilly!
    I knew you’d have a lot of insight to share. Oh, yes, yes, yes, about adoption and the huge heart it takes to offer a baby for adoption, along with the huge hearts of future parents welcoming that baby into their lives forever!

    Hugs on having to deal with the continents while being a first-time grandparent. And here I was griping about 3 thousand miles!
    hugs to you, granny Lilly

  12. Marcy Shuler says:

    Adorable picture, Lynne!

    #11 – That a pudgy belly can still be cute.
    #12 – Don’t be afraid to explore new places.
    #13 – Some flowers are edible. LOL My dad captured movies of me eating flowers in a park in Atlanta well before edible flowers were a fad.

    • Marcy – I love your additions to the list.

      Thea even has rolls on her wrists along with that pudgy belly. So cute.

      Good for you eating flowers. Kids love to explore with their mouths. :)

  13. Sandi in OH says:

    It is important to let grandsons measure against so they will know when they are taller than you. Oldest grandson became taller at age ten. He is now 12. His brother is will be 11 next month and he still has about three inches to grow.

    • Hi Sandi – Isn’t it funny how growing and measuring is so important to kids, especially boys. It’s okay if your grandsons get bigger than you, but they better still listen to and respect you, right?

  14. Debbie Haupt says:

    Lynne, what a sweet post. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get more than a grandcat ;)

    • Thank you Debbie – I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, too.

      We got to baby sit for Thea on Saturday night – her daddy had a birthday and my daughter took him out for dinner – and I started singing this silly song I always do for her. She immediately grinned and cooed and kicked her feet. She recognizes “our song” LOL. Can’t get enough of that baby.

  15. Amy Woods says:

    I don’t have children (or grandbabies, naturally) yet, and I didn’t grow up around a lot of kids (my brother and I are 2 years apart and I have a very small family), but I definitely look forward to having a little one around. :-)
    And I have to say: that is the sweetest picture ever! Kids and dogs are a match made in heaven, in my opinion. :-)

  16. Hi Amy – I’m inclined to agree with you about the picture. :)
    I loved the Royal family picture where baby Prince George is looking at the family Lab, too. So cute.
    Thea is very understanding when Max gives her a big old lick on the face, too.
    I hope you get that little one around on your terms. :)

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