Some Like It Hot… WINNER! Dyan!!

by Stacy Connelly

Dyan–Please email me with your address at and thanks to everyone for participating!

This past weekend, my friends and I went to a Salsa Challenge. It’s a local fundraising event that we’ve gone to for years. There’s free chips and salsa (and of course margaritas!) along with music and games and a kids’ zone.

At the end, they announce the winners of the best salsa as voted on by the people who attend the event.

I have to admit, up until a few yeas ago, I didn’t like salsa or Mexican food or anything hot, really. But I guess my taste buds have changed as I now LOVE salsa especially if it has a kick to it.

So what about you? Do you like spicy foods? Do you find your tastes have changed over the years?

Leave a post and I’ll draw a winner of a gift card!

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20 Responses to Some Like It Hot… WINNER! Dyan!!

  1. Tammy Y says:

    I do not like spicy food at all. I am a mild salsa girl

  2. Sounds like great fun, Stacy. I love salsa. Lots. I generally choose the milder ones, though, as the hot ones can irritate my stomach. So I would say, I LOVE hot salsa, but sometimes it just doesn’t love me. ;)

    • Christine–

      I am so bad that if it’s sitting in front of me, I just have to keep eating–which is a real problem at the restaurants where they just keep bringing more and more and more!

  3. Debbie Haupt says:

    Hi Stacy, I’m with the gals above I LOVE salsa but the older I get the milder it gets, but I’m loving the new recipes for salsa that has lots of tropical fruits in them.

  4. Jane Squires says:

    I love Mexican food – but not hot salsa nor mild. I like mine medium.

  5. How fun, Stacy! I love spicy food. I wish I could say the spicier the better, but I do have heat limit. Now you’ve made me hungry for salsa and chips. :)

  6. Hi Stacy – What fun! I love chips and salsa and Mexican food in general. But I like it on the milder side, too. Fresh pico de gallo is my favorite.

  7. Dyan says:

    Sad to say I am a really mild salsa lover! My favorite is to make salsa chicken in the crock pot! Two ingredients and taste great!!!

  8. Marcy Shuler says:

    It used to be I couldn’t handle spicy foods, but now I love it. Before we had kids my hubby and I attended a Fiery Foods show in Albuquerque. We packed an empty hard sided suitcase and lots of bubble wrap. We filled it with all sorts of hot foods items we found there. My two boys were raised with spicy and can tolerate a high level of heat.

  9. Ada says:

    I do not like spicy foods at all. Any time I eat anything even remotely spicy, I have a bad reaction. It’s been that way since I’ve been a kid. Everyone else in my family enjoys it but not me, I can’t do any level of spiciness at all!

  10. Anita H. says:

    I do enjoy a little bit of spice in my food but not too spicy. I don’t think my tastes have really changed all that much, I’ve always enjoyed the flavors but too much of it and it just ruins the taste for me.

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