Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful….

by Ami Weaver

So here I am, tucked under a wool blanket and thick socks and a heavy sweatshirt. It’s January in Michigan and we are getting blasted with Mother Nature’s finest!

Two weeks ago, we had the huge ice storm that left us without power for four days (one of them being Christmas!). That required a complete rethinking of how we were going to spend the holiday. We decamped to my parents’ house (though my husband stayed behind to watch the sump pump) and hoped for a quick return of power. By Christmas Eve it was time to give up that hope and instead transfer Christmas to my parents’. With four kids, hauling everything up there was a no go. But Santa made it and the kids still say it was the best Christmas ever! Here are a couple of pictures.

On the way to my parents' house.



The garland on my front porch.








Icy berries.








That brings me to tonight. Two weeks post ice storm, when there are still branches on the ground, we are getting slammed with snow. We’ve gotten more than a foot, easily, since last night and it’s still coming down. The snow is a lot easier to deal with than the ice. My kids are thrilled. Everyone else’s yard looks pristine and lovely and mine is completely churned up. (This is actually an improvement from when they used to shovel the yard–into the driveway.)

Here are a couple pics my husband just took for me.








What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?


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17 Responses to Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful….

  1. Sandi in OH says:

    We are currently being snowed on and the temperatures are dropping. By tomorrow we will be in the minus column. We won’t get as much snow as you have though. I’m wearing blue jeans, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and tennis shoes. I guess I’m ready for everything. I plan to spend the day reading and maybe do some laundry.

  2. Joanna Sims says:

    Hi Ami,

    We will in Florida, so we rarely have much of a winter anymore. Lately, we fluctuate between having a cold day (for us) in the 40’s overnight and then we swing back up to 77. I grew up in Florida and I remember actually having a legitimate winter…with winter coats and frost on the windshield! Our winters now consist of schizophrenic weather patterns, always having to switch from heat to AC. No snow days for kids down here, I’m afraid; I can understand why your kids are thrilled!

    Loved the pictures in your post!


    • Ami Weaver says:

      Well, I’m jealous, Joanna. :) We get the schitzo weather in the spring and fall, where you can run the furnace in the morning and the AC in the afternoon. Makes it tricky to adapt sometimes.

  3. Yikes, Amy! Love the pictures–and glad you’re safe and warm. :)

  4. Kathy Regan says:

    Not sure where in Michigan you are, but here in Royal Oak, they are still trying to clean up the snow (we guesstimate we got about 12″) while we await the big temperature drop! The main road in front of our house isn’t too bad, but our dirt service drive hasn’t been touched. Hubby made it to work, only because he has to, but everyone should just stay off the roads already! The five kids and I are snug as bugs, as they enjoy their third extra day home tacked on to Christmas vacation. Bet we’ll have a fourth tomorrow! Now if I could just get everyone quiet so I can work a little bit, then I can curl up with a good book :)

    • Ami Weaver says:

      Hi Kathy! We’ve got 17 inches or so. Hard to tell with the blowing tho. They’ve plowed but it’s hard to keep up with because of the wind. At least we have power! :) Stay warm!

  5. Caro Carson says:

    I live in Central Florida. It’s 73 degrees right now, but it’s supposed to take a big drop today here, too. We won’t get snowed in, of course, but we do have to put blankets over the plants. I found out the hard way that just one night below 32 degrees can kill off a yard. I lost a key lime tree that I still mourn. Stay warm, everyone!

    • Ami Weaver says:

      Hi Caro,

      I don’t remember what 73 feels like. :) I’m in a coffee shop wearing my down coat. Which is zipped up to my chin. LOL.

      Bummer on the lost tree. :( I’d love a key lime tree, I can’t imagine just having them grow in your yard. Too cool.

  6. Burrr! That looks cold! I’m a Florida girl, and as Joanna said, we rarely have what you would consider a hard winter. However, tonight we’re getting an arctic blast that will lower temps 50 degrees from our balmy 80 on Sunday. I think it’s relative, though. When the mercury drops below 60, Floridians freeze! But don’t think we get off scot-free. We sweat hurricane season from the first of June ’til the end of November. Thanks for sharing the pictures, Ami!

  7. Linda Henderson says:

    Our high today is only supposed to be 7, with a chill factor below zero. There is about 6 inches of snow on the ground. It’s just miserably cold weather.

  8. Jane Squires says:

    freezing – well froze we share with landlord. Cold – so made divinity for my adult daughters – one to ship to Ohio and to daughter and grandsons and other here for youngest daughter and grandkids. Her third batch here.

  9. Lilian Darcy says:

    Here in the middle of summer it’s really hard to imagine those freezing temps and storms, although it’s bad enough that we’re seeing it on our news. Your post made it very vivid, Ami.

    This week we are having a break from the heat and it’s gorgeous, low seventies and sunny (but as always, we need rain pretty badly.)

  10. Amy Woods says:

    Oh Ami!
    I’m so jealous of your snow! I live in Texas and we’ve gotten some very unusual cold temperatures this year (it’s 28 F today, which is low for us) but not a chance of snow in sight. I know it’s terrible to lose power when it’s so cold, but I can’t help my envy. Your pictures are awesome and make me wish for a white Christmas next year. :-)

  11. Renee Wiswell says:

    Here in Oklahoma it’s more snow & ice…but thank goodness it’s not as much as some of you!!! If Oklahoma got as much as you guys in Michigan get we’d be in total stand still for weeks!!! We just got a little bit of freezing rain under our 3 or 4 inches of snow Saturday night, but today temperatures got to the 40’s I think, but I’m not sure what the wind chill was. We had a little melting today, I can at least see patches of grass now!!! The good news is we get to do it again tomorrow night!!! In case you can’t tell, I was being very sarcastic there!!! I am a summer girl, give me 80 degree weather all year round and I’d be happy!!

    Renee Wiswell

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