In Defense of Men in Tuxedos

By Caro Carson 

bdb-may-coverThis week, I had the chance to conduct an informal poll among readers of romance—specifically, readers who enjoy Harlequin romances, including our wonderful Special Editions.  I asked a question about opposites, because my current release, The Bachelor Doctor’s Bride, is a story about opposites.  Oh, sure, the hero and heroine appear to be opposite personalities at first.  He’s cool and reserved; she’s warm and bubbly.  It goes beyond that, however.  He’s got a big family; she’s wholly on her own. He’s a workaholic cardiologist; she lives to throw parties that make everyone around her relax.  Even their houses are opposites, from his million-dollar modern-urban condo to her 1930s shabby-chic bungalow. In the end, they are of one heart when it comes to how they feel about each other. But before they get there, they have to navigate their way through each other’s worlds.

Which brings us to my little poll.  Part of the book takes place at a black-tie gala in Austin, Texas, at the beautiful, Victorian hotel, the Driskill.  In fact, here’s a photo of the mezzanine on the fateful night that my hero and heroine meet:Driskill candlelight

Gorgeous, isn’t it?  Naturally, the hero is in a tuxedo.  This seems a good time to enjoy a photo of a man in a tuxedo. Alas, I cannot post a handsome celebrity in a tuxedo, but I can drop his name right here, and you can click on it, and then enjoy a handsome man in a tux!  Jake in a Tux

Petey at Xmas 2013Okay, back to the book. A key scene is set in an animal shelter, a place that is important to our heroine.  It’s June in Texas. It’s hot. It’s noisy. And it’s a challenge for the cardiologist to keep his cool. (Hey—time for a cute puppy photo!  Here’s mine.)

So I asked in my little poll, would you prefer to go on a glamorous black-tie date or a casual dog-walking date?  I predicted that in real life, most women would choose the down to earth option, but what surprised me was that 100% of the respondents chose the animal shelter over the ballroom.  Every single person declined the man in the tuxedo.

Maybe I’m the only one with tuxedos on the brain, but I think I know why that is.  My daughter just went to the prom.  I answered the door when her sweetheart came to pick her up, and it just tickled me pink to see a young man in a tuxedo, corsage in hand.  I’ve been bursting with pride in my beautiful daughter, and basking in memories of my own prom glamor.  And so, if I take my own poll, I’m going to check the box that pairs me up with a man in a tuxedo.

Now, you knew I was going to be a mom and show off my daughter’s prom photo, right?  But look!  It’s the best of both worlds.  She’s going to a black tie gala, and she has a dog!  Now, that’s a happy ending.KK and Petey

Are there any other black tie lovers out there? Whether you want your dream date to pick you up while wearing a tuxedo or a pair of jeans, it’s okay with me.  Just leave a comment, below, and I’ll pick a winner to receive a copy of The Bachelor Doctor’s Bride.  You can enjoy both kinds of dates between the covers of my book.


Caro Carson

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19 Responses to In Defense of Men in Tuxedos

  1. Angi Morgan says:

    Love a tux on a man. Makes them look even better.
    Of course, a set of nice-looking abs always deserves to be uncovered.


  2. Jan Jackson says:

    James Bond. Enough said.

  3. I have only seen my husband in a tuxedo once – at my daughter’s wedding, and man, I have to say my guy looked very handsome. There’s just something about getting a man dressed up like that, right? But it is usually for special occasions, and that can lead to putting on your social face, which masks the real person…oh, heck I’m making way too much out of this.
    However, to really get to know someone, walking a dog sounds like the way to go.

    • Caro Carson says:

      LOL on the over-analysis! How about looking at the special occasion as not a mask, but just one facet of the person? It’s kind of an important facet, I think. There’s something to be said about being a good host or a good guest, making conversation with new people, having the class not to shove food in one’s face and chew with your mouth open, you know? My hero falls in love with the heroine on that first black tie night, essentially. She, however, needs the dog walks and the visit to meet him family and see the ranch where he grew up, etc. I think she’s smart to check out all the facets. (And I do mean ALL his facets.) :)

  4. Okay, I’d totally pick the animal shelter because man with dog = true love for me. BTW, your dog is adorable. But I do love a tux too. There’s a scene in the Daniel Craig as Bond version of Casino Royale where he’s comforting the girl in the shower while wearing a tuxedo. Which is (of course) wet and plastered to him. It might be top movie moment ever. :-) I loved this book – you did the opposites attract so well!

    • Caro Carson says:

      OMG, we’re soul sisters. I know exactly which James Bond scene you are talking about, and I thought it grabbed me by the heartstrings in a big way. Maybe I can go find it on YouTube….what an understated way to show Bond’s ability to be tender and caring. Too bad his women always die. I think that would be a big drawback to dating him…

  5. Marcia Hayden says:

    I LOVE a man in a tux, or even just a shirt and tie. I find a nicely dressed man very attractive, a real head turner for me! On a personal level, it’s fun taking the tie off too!

  6. bn100 says:

    like tuxes

  7. Amy Woods says:

    Wow, that’s a hard one! But I think I’d pick a date with my hubby in a tux because it’s just…special. The fact that occasions for formal wear are rare in my life, and because I live in Austin (hi, Driskill!) where flip-flops are the norm most days, tux situations are just inherently romantic. :-)

    Also, LOVE your daughter’s gown and hair, Caro!

    • Caro Carson says:

      Thanks for the compliments on my baby girl. She did look lovely, and I was happy to see that her taste in gowns was so elegant. I would have gone more frou-frou and poofy, but she liked that Greek-statue simplicity. But I digress…

      Isn’t the Driskill a treasure? I love Austin and visit as often as I can. That’s where my husband and I met, dated, and got engaged! There’s so much to do there, we had dates of all kinds. He took me to an elegant gourmet restaurant with white tablecloths one day, and we ate brisket off butcher paper with our hands the next day. Impossible to choose just one style, I think!

  8. Joanna Sims says:

    Hi Caro,

    I haven’t, as of yet, had the pleasure of seeing my husband in a tux. So, I’m gonna have to go with a tuxedo date night!

    Congratulations on another awesome SE release!


  9. Love men in tuxes. They do them justice. And I also love a man in a good pair of jeans. Makes me smile to see that pair of jeans with a good tux jacket. Brings out his rebel personality.

    • Caro Carson says:

      Oh, I like the tux jacket with the blue jeans, too–but the man has to be a cowboy, in my humble opinion. I like the cowboy boots and even the bolo tie instead of a bow tie if they’re going to go “cowboy tux.” I have a book in September coming, called NOT JUST A COWBOY, and that’s how he dresses for a Cattleman’s Association event! I had to explain that look to the Harlequin art department, and now I’m on pins and needles, waiting to see how they interpreted it for the cover! I’ve had really good covers so far, so I have high hopes. :)

  10. Penney Wilfort says:

    Jeans with a jacket and tie!

  11. Dyan says:

    Casual dog walking date for me! And a tux is good, but casual is more my style!

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